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Automated Analysis

Through automated analysis, data is collected, cleansed and analyzed without the interference of human.
And within few minutes you are provided with their insights in the form of interactive dashboards which are both readable and understandable. And you also have the ability share them with different people in your enterprise. The dashboards will help in taking accurate decisions for your business.

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Customized Reports

Customized reports are reports that are tailored especially to fit your business's needs.
Our data analyst team has the ability to understand what exactly you need to do with the data you have. They analyze the data and offer their insights to you in the form of reports, dashboards, and visuals which will also be based on your needs.

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Our connectors help in cutting down the time spent during data analysis processes. As they work on the extraction of the data from various sources and lay them out in one place. This will make it easier for you whenever you are in the need of analyzing the data.

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Our offered solutions assist you in:

  • Full-data analysis.
  • Easily created reports and interactive dashboards.
  • Real-time monitor and access of data, anywhere and anytime.
  • The ability to share these dashboards with your team.

We offer

a complete Business Intelligence solution that assist entities in extracting meaningful insights from the data they have.


to help data analysts and team leaders to extract, analyze, and visualize their data.


business executives to regularly monitor data and business owners their business performance.

Enable users

to perform self-service analysis with no need for a technical background.


  • E-commerce solutions are helpful for anyone with an online store.
  • E-commerce’s dashboards provide you with an overview over your insights (transactions, Gross Sales, Cancelled orders, payment methods, etc.) This opens a door for a better and a stronger brand.



  • ERP systems work on interconnecting different departments of an enterprise.
  • The ERP solutions that we offer for Odoo provide you with dashboards that visualize real-time changes happening in your enterprise.


  • The Offered CRM solution extracts your data from Hubspot and analyze them for the sake of providing you with interactive dashboards.
  • The dashboards visualize your insights and help you in improving the customer relationships and customer life-time value.